Do you feel misunderstood and left out by conventional religious and spiritual groups? Do you find it difficult to feel affirmed in your spiritual journey because nobody seems to understand you? Are you seeking a deeper relationship with the sacred, however you understand it, and looking for someone who understands your religious struggles? Are you tired of people imposing their beliefs on you?



Maybe you’re a member of the LGBTQIA+ community and feel like you don’t have a spiritual home. Or you have diverse mental experiences and find it frustrating that no one seems to understand your spiritual life. Perhaps spiritual abuse or prejudice impacts your feeling of belonging. You might not even be a part of a spiritual community because you don’t feel understood.



If you’ve been looking for someone who understands you want a deeper sense of the sacred without sacrificing who you are, if you are looking for someone who understands your spiritual journey is your own and not about their agenda and listens deeply to you without imposing their own beliefs, then you may be in the right place. You may be one of the people I truly cherish journeying with, and I don’t want you to miss out on the companionship your heart is truly looking for! 

Hi, I'm Rev. Chris Rothbauer!

I’m a Unitarian Universalist minister and spiritual companion based in Carrollton, Texas. As a parish and community minister, I seek to create connections to the Holy and find ways to build community. I know what it’s like to seek authentic spiritual care that speaks to your journey. I companion seekers looking for their own authentic sense of self and help others find their own authentic sense of spirituality.

What People Are Saying:

Chris is a kind and careful listener. Because of their thoughtful questions in response to my often-meandering narrative, I knew that they had sorted the wheat from the chaff. I felt 'heard.' This was so valuable to me.

Ellen Abell

Eugene, Oregon

My involvement in the Spiritual Companion group has been a very supportive and loving experience. There's deep, heart-to-heart sharing, which I am gratefully familiar with through my work with other programs. In this case, though, there is no common hardship or identity requirement for our group. It's a chance to connect with people different from me, with different life experiences. A time and place to share myself- the good, bad, and ugly- without fear of judgement.

Leah Billye Welburn

Auburn, Alabama

What's one thing you can do today in search of a deeper sense of your authentic self?

How do you heal from a sense of isolation and abuse from your own spirituality?

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Spiritual Companioning

The ancient practice of companioning people as they grow into their spiritual lives.

Animal Chaplaincy

Holding presence and space to process emotions surrounding animal friends.

Emotional CPR

Teaching people to assist others through emotional crisis.


Rituals that honor the milestones of your life’s journey.

Eco-Spiritual Companioning

Reconnecting with the world that sustains us.

Dream Work

Connecting you to the language of the soul.

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