It’s really easy in the days ahead to be overwhelmed, to despair at the way the world is. Every day we see depressing examples of elected officials and pundits who are more than willing to put the lives of people in jeopardy in order to save the price of their stock portfolios. And the longer we find ourselves physically distancing, the more difficult it’s going to be in terms of feeling isolated, especially for those of us who are extroverts or ambiverts.

This is an unprecedented time that will test our wills.

Yet, life goes on. On my back porch, I watch birds going back and forth, building lives for themselves, oblivious to the issues currently going on in human society. I watch bugs scurrying about me, searching for food and building shelter. The tall trees across the street from me have seen their share of pain the past.

We, too, will emerge eventually. Just as all seasons pass, so too will this one, and we might even create a new way of being in its wake. In the meantime, turn off the news, step away from your Twitter feed, and lean into new ways of doing things. Connect with those you love. Reconnect with old friends. Be good to each other, check on each other, and take care of the ones you love in our collective time of need.

Yes, these are difficult times. No one quite knows what to expect, and it’s likely we’re about to experience some major pain and heartbreak in the world, the likes of which we’ve never seen before. But we will get through it, together. I believe that, if human beings come together, we can weather even the worst storms.

After all, even though the world is whirling around us, we are still here, still showing up for others. In the words of Indian-Canadian poet Rupi Kaur, ” And here you are living, despite it all.”

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