Although, in American culture, ceremonies surrounding birth, death, and marriage are the most immediate life rituals that often come to mind, a ritual can be crafted to honor virtually any transition or life passage. Below are just a few possibilities of special rituals that can be used to mark your journey through life.

Transgender Renaming Ceremony

As an agender person, Rev. Chris recognizes that choosing a name that corresponds to your correct gender can be a life-affirming choice, affirming who you are to the world. A transgender renaming cermony is an opportunity to publically proclaim your name to the community and be affirmed by people who love and support you.

Divorce/End of Relationship Ceremony

The end of relationships is a fact of life and can be a healthy choice for all involved. More and more people are recognizing that marking this transition through ritual can bring peace, forgiveness, and a release of emotions. Unitarian Universalists have recognized the need for such observances and have been crafting divorce and end of relationship cermonies since the 1960s.

Coming of Age Ceremony

Reaching adolescence, or coming of age, is a special time in a young person’s life. Many cultures mark this transition through a coming of age ceremony. Unitarian Universalism recognizes youth coming of age through special ceremonies crafted to honor this passage.

The most common ages for Coming of Age programs are 13-15. These ceremonies can include the following elements:

  • Youth reading statements of their personal values and beliefs
  • A time for reflections from parents, youth advisors, mentors, ministers, or religious educators
  • The presentation of small gifts to the youth, acknowledging their passage from childhood to middle adolescence.

Custom Rituals and Ceremonies

Do you have a special event or passage that you would like to mark through ritual? Rev. Chris would love to work with you to create a custom ceremony that honors your day! Unitarian Universalist rituals are specially crafted in conversation with you to ensure that your life and beliefs are honored.

Want more information? Ready to start the process? Book a free consultation with Rev. Chris!

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