Spiritual companioning, sometimes called spiritual direction or spiritual mentorship, is the ancient practice of accompanying people as they grow into awareness of the sacred in their lives, however one understands the sacred. Spiritual companioning has roots in traditions from the East and West. This sort of accompaniment allows for space for people to discover the wisdom within and surrounding them at all times. Spiritual companions don’t try to impose beliefs or a theology or philosophy on the seeker, but help them discover what they believe and tap into the wisdom already in their hearts.

My Approach to Spiritual Companioning

It is an honor to accompany seekers on their spiritual path, discovering our connection with the Divine together. Sometimes the right question at the right time can lead to self-discovery and finding what is sacred and holy within us and the world at large. That’s my approach to spiritual companionship: helping you connect with the Ground of Being within you, however you understand it, and access the wisdom that is your birthright as a human.

I love working with seekers of any or no religion, those who believe in one god, many gods, no gods, or aren’t sure, as well as those who consider themselves spiritual but not religious.

More than that, though: I am an eco-spiritual companion. I believe that the natural world can be a companion with us on our spiritual journeys, offering wisdom and reminding us that we are never truly alone in the world.

Whoever you are and wherever your journey has taken you, I would be honored to accompany you on your path of self-discovery.

My Spiritual Background

I am a Unitarian Universalist minister with experience in both parish and community ministry. My own spiritual journey has taken me through Christian, Buddhist, Humanist, Shinto, and Pagan paths to arrive at a multi-faith, interspiritual way of seeing the world that honors the diverse journeys of the people I serve. My sense of spirituality comes from Earth-centered and eco-spiritual traditions; I feel a deep sense of holiness in the woods and watching the ocean. For me, there’s nothing more religious than strapping on my hiking boots and hitting the trails.

What Does It Look Like?

In a spiritual companion relationship, we typically meet once a month for an hour. You may come with a question for us to explore or something that has been weighing on you. Sessions typically start with a short centering or grounding exercise, after which you are invited to talk about what’s on your mind. I am available to meet online via Zoom or in-person in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.


  • Urban Spirituality Center, 2021
  • Cherry Hill Seminary, 2023

Specialty Training:

  • Congregation-Based Spiritual Direction, Center for Congregational Spirituality, 2022
  • Eco-Spiritual Direction, Stillpoint, 2022

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